Pic 3 Upcoming Ayurveda Events with Heidi:

*The Nourishing Yoga Spa
When:Saturday, July 8th,2017; 12-3pm. Register by emailing livingyoganh@gmail.com
Where: Living Yoga NH, 120 N. Main St., Concord, New Hampshire
Cost: $75.00 per person.

Chill Yoga, 178 Lisbon, Street, Lewiston, Maine

COST: Special price through Auburn Adult Education- $20.00 per person. Call Heidi to register, or register through Auburn Adult Education: 207-784-9220.

Next Session begins Sept. 18th 2016! Himalayan Institute's AYS Training.
Sept. 16-18th, 2016 AYS Session #1 Macrocosm & Microcosm of
Ayurveda & Yoga
Online Session #2 Psychology of Ayurveda
and the Physiology of Yoga
Oct. 28-30th, 2016 AYS Session #3 Improving Our Digestion
of Foods, Thoughts, and Actions
Jan. 20-22nd, 2017 AYS Session #4 Clinical Use of Ayurveda
and Yoga
Cost: $399.00 per session, or $1396 when registering for all r ($200.00 savings. Must prepay register for all 4 at once to gain the savings.). Register at chillyoga.net. Deadline for registration for all 4 courses: August 5, 2016.)

Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Training at Chill Yoga with Heidi L. Audet,ERYT 500, AHC,AAYS, Sarah Guglielmi, ERYT-500, AHC, AAYS, Kathryn Templeton, ERYT-500, Ayurveda Practitioner! This training is open to all students, but only those with a minimum of 200hr Yoga Teacher training from a Yoga Alliance approved school will be awarded the certification. For more information, visit www.chillyoga.net or call Heidi at 207-240-0760.

Interested in a private Ayurvedic consultation?
Heidi offers:
*1.-2hr initial wellness programming- $90.00 (Rate increase as of 1/1/16.)
*1-hour follow up consults-$65.00
1/2-hour follow up consult-$50.00.
Heidi will address 5 different aspects of a client's wellbeing: social/environmental, emotional, nutritional, physical and spiritual wellness; she will address the client's needs and make recommendations based upon his or her specific Prakruti (Dosha- mind, body, spirit makeup) and current Vikriti (imbalances).
To schedule an appointment, please call 207-240-0760 or email Heidi at heidiaudet@gmail.com.

About the instructor- Heidi L. Audet, BA, ERYT 500, AHC: As a lifelong nutritional enthusiast and wellness promoter, Heidi enjoys teaching people about yoga, health and nutrition. She is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, trained by Kathryn Templeton, ERYT-500, and Dr. Rosy Mann, BAM, at The Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. Heidi is an adjunct faculty member for HI and has given Ayurvedic consults at the Institute's Total Health Center. She is co-owner of Chill Yoga in Lewiston, Maine and lives in Greene, Maine with her family. For more information visit www.chillyoga.net